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Shanghai Wonbio biotech Co.,Ltd - Headquartered in Shanghai.Founded in 2011 by Dr. Wu, who is from the institute of genetics,biology department of Fudan University, with many years experience of biological experiment , combined with practical application to build the excellent team of electronic&mechanical talents.Focus on the development、production and sales of sample grinding & processing equipment, we have developed a series products of tissue grinding instruments which are suitable for grinding all kinds of tissue samples.  It can be used in the research direction of RNA, DNA, protein extraction and component analysis.
About Us
Brand advantage

direct deal

No third party earns price difference and transfers profits to customers.

technical support

The company was founded by Fudan doctor of genetics and biology with many years of laboratory experience to provide customers with professional product application solutions.

good service

The product is renewed free of charge within one year, the response time is 8 hours, and is responsible for maintenance for life.

High efficiency and good effect

Complete the grinding of 2-96 samples within 30s; It saves time and labor, and the difference between batches and within batches is small.

quality assurance

ISO9001 system certification, AAA credit enterprise, CE certification.

Leader in grinding field

Professional R & D team, accounting for 30% of the company's personnel, has focused on grinding instruments for 11 years.